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About This Project
ExcelDna Contrib is a repository for user contributed functionality targeting the ExcelDna framework. This project focuses on two areas...
  • Providing a useful library of helper functionality
  • Providing features so far unaddressed by ExcelDna.

If the main ExcelDna project supplies functionality that ExcelDna Contrib contains, the ExcelDna Contrib feature will be marked obsolete and eventually removed from the project.

This is a direct port of ExcelDna version 0.20 to C++/CLI.

ExcelDna Contrib is open source (zLib license) and may be used in commercial applications.

How to join this project
We are actively looking for as many submissions as we can get our grubby hands on...
  • Log in with your CodePlex ID
  • Create/Vote on issues and participate in discussions about them.
  • Contribute, contribute, contribute! Anyone can submit patches, or even standalone functions/features - we will gladly plug them in for you.

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